Rembrandt: Portrait of Margaretha de Geer

Portrait of Margaretha de Geer: Rembrandt

This 1661 portrait of Margaretha de Geer is one of a pair painted by Dutch artist Rembrandt van Rijn.

The other is of Jacob Trip, Margaretha’s wealthy industrialist husband, with interests in manufacturing and goods trading from Dordrecht in the Western Netherlands. In contrast to the painting of the husband, this portrait shows his sitter as more active in a frontal pose, facing us head-on. This points to certain independence and force of character.

Rembrandt, similarly, does not flinch in the painting of the ageing flesh of his sitter, especially in the details of the veins and wrinkles of the hands and face. Given her age, Margaretha is confident in her expression and pose.

Rembrandt was one of a number of Dutch artists commissioned to produce a portrait of Margaretha de Geer. Others include Jacob Gerritszoon Cuyp and Nicolaes Maes.

Rembrandt’s Portrait of Margaretha de Geer National Gallery in London, United Kingdom.

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