Frans Hals

Frans Hals

Frans Hals (c.1582—1666) was a renowned portraitist of the Dutch Golden Age based in Haarlem

Frans Hals Summary

  • Born in c. 1582 Antwerp, in the Spanish Netherlands; died in Haarlem
  • As an illustrious portrait painter, produced the most famous portrait of René Descartes
  • Well established in the city of Haarlem, demanded that his patrons, be their noblemen or militia groups, come to sit in his studio
  • His portraiture style progressed toward austerity as he aged
  • His reputation as a great artist was restored two centuries after his death

Frans Hals Famous Paintings

  • Jacobus Zaffius (1611)
  • The Banquet of the Officers of the St George Militia Company in 1616 (1616)
  • Catharina Hooft with her Nurse (c. 1620)
  • Laughing Cavalier (1624)
  • Jester with a Lute (c. 1625)
  • Portrait of Jacob Pietersz Olycan & P. of Aletta Hanemans (1625)
  • Malle Babbe (c. 1630)
  • The Officers of the St Adrian Militia Company in 1623 (1623)
  • De Magere Compagnie (The Company of Captain Reinier Reael, etc.; 1637)
  • Portrait of René Descartes (c. 1649)

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