Plautilla Nelli: Lamentation with Saints

Lamentation with Saints: Plautilla Nelli

Lamentation with Saints is a Christian religious painting by the nun and artist Plautilla Nelli who was the first known female painter from Florence. Taking as her models the work of Fra Bartolomeo, Bronzino and del Sarto, Nelli (1524-88) elaborated a classical Renaissance style.

She is renowned as a nun-paintress and one of the few women mentioned in Giorgio Vasari’s famous work The Lives of the Artists. In this work, Nelli shows the Virgin Mary in her traditional rich ultramarine with other saints tending to and mourning over the body of the dead Christ. The structure of the figures around Jesus is pyramidal and could suggest the trinity.

Plautilla Nelli’s Lamentation with Saints is now in the Museum of San Marco in Florence, Italy.

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