About us

Art History Co’s purpose is to showcase the famous and not-so-famous artworks and artists from art history. We focus primarily on paintings up until the 1920s which are now in the public domain.

We started the website in 2019 as a hobby and continue to run it as such, posting a mixture of short painting summaries and longer-form analyses. We have also begun to produce artist biographies.

Notes about the website:

  • Due to personal preference for art, this website currently has a skew toward French Impressionism and French Neo-Classicism.
  • All images on this website are in the public domain in the United States, which means you can also use them, however, we would love it if you would link to this website.
  • The years attributed to paintings can vary across many sources, the date of the painting is typically stated based on the reference material (e.g. the book), and if there is a conflict we will where possible state the most frequent, or most reliable (e.g. the gallery or institution the painting resides in.
  • If you have anything to say about a painting or an artist, please post a comment on the respective page. If you have a correction you would like to add please contact us.
  • If you have any corrections please contact us, we love feedback.

Thanks, and enjoy!