John Reinhard Weguelin: The Gardens of Adonis

The Gardens of Adonis: John Reinhard Weguelin

John Reinhard Weguelin paints in 1888 a funeral scene from Greek mythology in The Gardens of Adonis.

We see the aftermath of the tragic death of Adonis, a man of such beauty that goddesses feuded over him. He was gored to death by a boar and died in the arms of Aphrodite. His blood mixed with her tears and became the anemone flower. There is no hint of this tragic and violent end in the picture, however, which is filled with music and the offerings of flowers by the women by the sea.

In keeping with Weguelin’s classicizing style the colors are muted and the painting of the woman and girl playing the flute is idealized.

John Reinhard Weguelin’s The Gardens of Adonis is in the Northampton Museum and Art Gallery in Northampton, England.

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  1. Mira who arranged with the House woman, who looked after the Woman, to mate with her Father. They meet in as it was Customary in the dark and the result was the Birth of Adonis, because she adored her Father.

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