Plautilla Nelli

Plautilla Nelli (1524-1588) was an Italian nun and Renaissance artist.

Plautilla Nelli Summary:

  • She is the first known female Renaissance artist.
  • She was influenced by the teachings of Savonarola and the art of Fra Bartolomeo.
  • She established an all-women painting class in her convent and taught other sisters to paint.
  • Her rendition of the Last Supper boasts particular attention to detail including facial expressions and body language.
  • It took 450 years for her Last Supper to be discovered and underwent restoration in 2017.

Plautilla Nelli Famous Paintings:

  • The Last Supper (ca. 1550)
  • Saint Catherine of Siena (undated)
  • Annunciation (undated)
  • Saint Dominic Receives the Rosary (undated)
  • Madonna Addolorota (ca. 1550)
  • Lamentation with Saints (1569)

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