Diego Velazquez: Prince Baltasar Carlos in Silver

Prince Baltasar Carlos in Silver: Diego Velazquez

This 1633 portrait by Spanish court painter Diego Velazquez is of Prince Baltasar Carlos (1629-1646) who was the son of King Phillip IV of Spain and his first wife, Isabel de Bourbon.

Portrait of Prince Baltasar Carlos in Silver Analysis

  • Prince Baltasar Carlos is about three years old in this painting
  • He would live to just 16 years of age, dying of illness
  • Velazquez painted this at 34 years of age
  • The prince is wearing a silver formal outfit with a pink sash
  • One of a number of portraits of the prince, especially equestrian portraits
  • Holding a wooden staff in his right hand
  • Commissioned by his father Philip IV of Spain, also known as the Planet King (1621-1665)

Diego Velazquez’s Prince Baltasar Carlos in Silver can be found in the Wallace Collection in London, United Kingdom

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