Diego Velázquez

Diego Velázquez

Diego Velázquez (1599—1660) was the greatest painter of the Spanish Golden Age who has exerted a constant influence on painters until the present day.

Diego Velázquez Summary

  • In 1623 painted Philip IV, which won him primacy over all other portraitists in Spain
  • Visits to Italy, in 1629 and 1649, determine the two main phases of his development
  • Aside from those of the Spanish royal family, his most famous portrait is of Pope Innocent X
  • Las Meninas (1656) is considered a symbol of the Baroque
  • Knighted in 1659 after intense inquires into his lineage, which was not aristocratic and may have been Jewish
  • Influential over countless modern artists, his presence in the work of Édouard Manet is often noted

Diego Velázquez’s Famous Paintings

  • Portrait of Don Luis de Góngora (1622)
  • Francesco I d’Este (1638)
  • Portrait of Sebastián de Morra (1645)
  • Adoration of the Virgin (1645)
  • Female Figure (c. 1648)
  • Portrait of Pope Innocent X (1650)
  • Portrait of Juan de Pareja (c. 1650)
  • Portrait of the Infanta Maria Theresa of Spain (c. 1653)
  • Las Meninas (1656)
  • Las Hilanderas (c. 1657)

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