Henry Raeburn: The Archers

The Archers: Henry Raeburn

The Archers by Scottish portrait painter Henry Raeburn is a 1789 double portrait depicting Robert Ferguson of Raith and Ronald Craufurd Ferguson.

Robert Ferguson of Raith on the left side of the painting with a bow and arrow at the ready and to his right is his younger brother Sir Ronald Craufurd Ferguson.

Painted in 1789, the boys would have been 19 and 16 years of age respectively. A noble sport in 18th century England, Sir Henry Raeburn has depicted bth teenagers with a sense of class and elegance.

Robert would become a successful British politician, a Whig Member of Parliament on numerous occasions, as well as Lord-lieutenant at the time of his death.

Henry Raeburn’s The Archers is in the National Gallery in London, United Kingdom.

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