Claude Monet: The Studio Boat

Claude Monet: The Studio Boat

The Studio Boat is an 1874 Impressionist oil painting by French artist and founder of the Impressionist Movement Claude Monet.

The simple vessel in ‘The Studio Boat’, or Le Bateau-atelier in Monet’s native french, that is painted here is Frenchman Claude Monet’s own studio boat which he regularly used to work in as an antidote to the creeping industrialization of modern society at the time, a significant challenge to the Impressionist (albeit early) tradition of painting ‘En plein air or ‘outdoors’.

The studio boat is painted simply and without stylization. The water seems to be Monet’s primary concern here. Indeed, as an Impressionist, Monet would have seen in water the potential for shifting effects of light and color, as here the background tree colors blend in the river. Therefore the water is both neutral and heavily charged with transformative energy.

Claude Monet’s The Studio Boat is in the Kroller-Muller Museum at Otterlo in The Netherlands.

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