Francisco Goya: The Parasol

Francisco Goya: The Parasol

The Parasol, by Spanish court painter Francisco Goya (1746-1828) was commissioned by the future King Charles IV and Maria Luisa of Parma, in 1777 for their dining room in the Royal Palace of El Pardo in Madrid.

As such, this painting of oil on linen depicts a scene of leisure in which the seated lady is shielded from the bluster from an upcoming storm by, as the clouds in the upper left show. Her attendant’s dress is of the majo or poorer class.

The lady cheerfully looks out at the viewer with a sleeping cat on her lap. Goya’s choice of coloring rhymes with the overall mood of gaiety with golds and light blues.

Goya was an official court painter to the Spanish Crown from 1786 and dedicated his time to creating works for the various Royal Palaces.

Francisco Goya’s The Parasol can be found in the El Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain

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