Andrei Ryabushkin: Tea Drinking

Tea Drinking: Andrei Ryabushkin

Tea Drinking is a 1904 orientalist painting by Russian artist Andrei Ryabushkin who specialized in genre paintings in the late 19th century and early 20th century.

Analysis of Ryabushkin’s Tea Drinking

This picture depicts a scene of everyday life and seemingly ordinary people in the traditional genre style which Ryabushskin mostly painted in, and in this case, in the orientalist movement. We can see both men and women going about their daily life drinking tea at a tea house. Note that the man on the right-hand side actually appears to be drinking wine.

Tea Drinking was painted in 1904, a year before Andrei Ryabushkin’s early death from tuberculosis in 1904. The painting is on cardboard and is currently in a private collection.

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