John Frederick Lewis: The Coffee Bearer

The Coffee Bearer: John Frederick Lewis

The Coffee Bearer is an 1857 oil painting in the orientalist style by English artist John Frederick Lewis.

Analysis of The Coffee Bearer

English painter John Frederick Lewis painted in the Orientalist style, depicting scenes of the Eastern World, predominantly northern Africa The Coffee Bearer is an excellent example of this. He lived in Egypt and travelled extensively around Morocco and Constantinople as well as Europe in Spain, Italy, and Greece.

The Coffee Bearer, painted with oil in 1857 is of a Western-looking woman, dressed in what appears to be Egyptian or Moroccan clothing, entering a room with a tray of two cups of coffee. The floor of the room she enters via an archway is covered in an elaborate mosaic, and the background further exemplifies the exotic theme with palm trees and Eastern architecture.

This work can be can be found in the Manchester Art Gallery in the United Kingdom.

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