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Andrei Ryabushkin

Andrei Ryabushkin was a Russian painter, active during the end of the 19th century who specialized in pictures of the everyday life of people in Russia during the 17th Century.

His family were painters of religious icons and Ryabushkin studied at the Moscow School of Painting as a teenager. After leaving, he toured Russia, studied ancient towns, fascinated with old architecture, clothing, books, and other artifacts.

Andrei Ryabushkin’s paintings typically focused on portraying the 17th century – however, he focused on everyday life rather than typical representations of historic events – which did restrain his popularity during his lifetime.

Andrei Ryabushkin Summary

  • Born in Tambov, Central Russia
  • His father and Brother were also painters
  • Educated at the Moscow School of Painting and later the Imperial Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg
  • Sold his first major painting at like 19 years of age, Peasant Wedding
  • Originally painted 17th-century life and later moved to paint contemporary 19th-century life
  • Died in 1904 of tuberculosis

Andrei Ryabushkin Famous Paintings

  • The Deacon (1888)
  • Tea-drinking (1903)
  • Merchant Family in the 17th century (1896)
  • Waiting for the Tzar (1901)
  • Wedding Train in the 17th century Moscow (1901)
  • A Young Man Breaking into the Girls’ Dance, and the Old Women are in Panic (1902)
  • Session of Tsar Mikhail Feodorvich with his boyars in his State Chamber (1893)

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