William Hogarth: The Graham Children

The Graham Children: William Hogarth

The Graham Children is a 1742 family portrait painting by English Rococo artist William Hogarth.

Analysis of Hogarth’s The Graham Children

The Graham Children is a 1742 painting by William Hogarth which depicts the four children of Daniel Graham. Graham was an apothecary, a type of early pharmacist, to both King George II and King George III of England, as well as the Chelsea Hospital in London.

This intriguing painting was originally designed as a sort of conversation piece of his four children Thomas, Henrietta, Anna Maria, and Richard, as well as a pet bird and cat in the background.

The inclusion of the clock above baby Thomas was likely added late. It is Cupid and Time, a reference to Thomas’s death aged two while Hogarth worked on the painting. Robert on the right would grow up to continue his father’s profession.

William Hogarth’s The Graham Children was donated by influential British art dealer Lord Duveen to the National Gallery in London in 1934.

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