Jan Steen: A Man blowing Smoke at a Drunken Woman

Jan Steen: A Man blowing Smoke at a Drunken Woman

A Man Blowing Smoke at Drunken Woman is a 1665 painting by the Dutch Golden Age artist Jan Steen.

Here Steen depicts a Man blowing Smoke at a drunken woman in a tavern. She holds a glass of wine or something stronger in her right hand, facing sideways certainly spilling whatever the glass once contained to the floor below.

In her left hand, she holds a tobacco pipe loosely to the point that it almost falls from her hand. She is in a disheveled state, her top fastener undone slightly and a white apron pushed across her. Behind her, two men – also holding tobacco pipes, mock her intoxicated state, with the man on the left blowing rings of smoke at the side of her head.

Dutch artist Jan Steen painted this picture sometime between 1660 and 1665. He also painted a number of similar works displaying society’s worst at the hands of liquor or strong tobacco in households or taverns.

Jan Steen’s A Man blowing Smoke at a Drunken Woman is in the National Gallery in London, United Kingdom.

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