The Sackville Children: John Hoppner

The Sackville Children: John Hoppner

The Sackville Children is a 1796 triple-portrait by prominent British portrait painter John Hoppner. This work can be found in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, United States.

This is a family portrait of the three children of Third Duke of Dorset Charles Sackville, born on January 24, 1767, and died on July 29, 1843.

Third Duke of Dorset

As a British peer and politician, he inherited the title from his father, John Frederick Sackville. Charles Sackville served as a Member of Parliament and later as the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland from 1805 to 1808. His political career included roles in various governmental positions. Known for his involvement in public service, he contributed to diplomatic and administrative endeavors during his lifetime. From Left to right we see Lady Mary Sackville, Lord Middlesex and Lady Elizabeth Sackville.

Lady Mary Sackville

Lady Elizabeth Sackville (1795–1870) was a prominent British noblewoman known for her social influence and philanthropy. Born into the aristocratic Sackville family, she married George John West, the Fifth Earl De La Warr. Lady Elizabeth played a significant role in London society during the 19th century, known for her charm and hospitality. She was actively involved in charitable endeavors, supporting various causes. Her reputation as a benevolent and cultured figure extended beyond her aristocratic circles.

Lord Middlesex

Lord Middlesex, born George Augustus Henry Cowper in 1793, was an English aristocrat known for his short but eventful life. As the heir to the Earl Cowper, he held the courtesy title of Lord Middlesex. His early death at the age of 22 in 1815 cut short any potential political or social career. The circumstances of his demise and the subsequent court case concerning his inheritance attracted public attention. Despite his brief life, Lord Middlesex left a mark on the historical record, contributing to the narrative of aristocratic life in early 19th-century England, characterized by privilege, scandal, and family disputes.

Lady Elizabeth Sackville

Lady Elizabeth Sackville (1795–1870), a notable British aristocrat, was the daughter of the 4th Duke of Dorset. Her marriage to George John West, the 5th Earl De La Warr, connected her to the English nobility. Lady Elizabeth was admired for her social grace and active involvement in philanthropy, supporting various charitable causes. Engaging in the vibrant social scene of 19th-century London, she became a prominent figure in aristocratic circles.

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