John Hoppner

John Hoppner

John Hoppner (1758-1810) was a British portrait painter who was influenced by the works of Sir Joshua Reynolds.

John Hoppner Summary:

  • He was of German descent, born to German immigrants.
  • During his education at the Royal Academy, he garnered multiple awards.
  • He initially planned on being a landscape painter, but saw the financial success of being a portraitist and decided to be one instead.
  • The Prince of Wales was his major patron.
  • He also wrote art criticism and contributed to major publications.

John Hoppner Famous Paintings:

  • The Sackville Children (1796)
  • Portrait of the Frankland Sisters (1795)
  • Miss Mary Linwood (ca. 1800)
  • Girl with Rabbit (1800)
  • Lady Cunliffe (1781-1782)
  • The Hoppner Children (1791)

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