Constance Marie Charpentier: Melancholy

Melancholy: Constance Marie Charpentier

Melancholy is a painting of a female figure here slumped over in a depressive state by French painter Constance Marie Charpentier. Finished in 1801 at age 34, it is painted exquisitely and with classical decorum. The expressive melancholy in the face is true to life. The position of her figure in the picture also recalls the engraving by Durer named Melancholia I.

Charpentier is Widely considered one of the best portrait painters of her age and likely studied under the tutelage of acclaimed Neoclassicist Jacques-Louis David.

Constance Marie Charpentier’s Melancholy is in the Musee Picardie in Amiens, Northern France.

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