Branwell Bronte: The Bronte Sisters

The Bronte Sisters: Branwell Bronte

Portrait of the Bronte Sisters is an 1834 painting by their brother Branwell Bronte who was an amateur painter.

Portrait of the Bronte Sisters Analysis

This is the only known portrait of the famous novelist Bronte Sisters, from left to right Anne, Emily, and Charlotte which was painted by their Brother Branwell Bronte. Created in 1834, it was seen and described by writer Elizabeth Gaskell in 1853 but after that was thought lost until rediscovered sixty years later in 1914.

It is almost certain that the ghostly passage in the middle of the painting was the original of Branwell himself, which was erased by the artist.

Branwell Bronte was the only son in the Bronte family and was both a painter and poet. He was born in 1817 and painted this portrait of his sisters when he was just 17 years of age.

This unique triple portrait painting is in the National Portrait Gallery in London, United Kingdom, where it is considered a major part of their collection.

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