Madame Mette Gauguin in Evening Dress Paul Gauguin

Madame Mette Gauguin in Evening Dress: Paul Gauguin

Madame Mette Gauguin in Evening Dress is an 1884 painting in the Post-Impressionist style by the leading French artist Paul Gauguin. This work is located in the National Museum of Art, Architecture, and Design in Oslo, Norway.

Mette Sophie Gad, commonly known as Mette Gauguin, was the Danish wife of the renowned French Post-Impressionist artist Paul Gauguin. Mette Gad was born on June 19, 1850, in Denmark. She and Gauguin married in 1873 and had five children together.

Mette played a crucial role in supporting Gauguin’s artistic pursuits and providing stability in their family life. In 1883, the couple and their children moved to Copenhagen, Denmark, where Gauguin worked as a stockbroker while continuing to develop his artistic skills.

However, Mette and Gauguin’s relationship faced challenges. Gauguin’s growing passion for art led him to spend extended periods away from his family, seeking inspiration in various locations, including France and eventually Tahiti. These separations and Gauguin’s unconventional lifestyle strained their marriage.

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