Hampton Court from the Thames - J.M.W Turner 2

Hampton Court from the Thames: J. M. W. Turner

Hampton Court from the Thames is an 1800s painting by the English Romantic painter, printmaker, and watercolorist J. M. W. Turner. This work is located in the Tate Britain in London, England.

Hampton Court, located in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, is a historic royal palace renowned for its architectural splendor and rich history. Originally built by Cardinal Thomas Wolsey in the early 16th century, it later became a royal residence during the reigns of Henry VIII and subsequent monarchs.

The palace is an exemplary showcase of Tudor and Baroque architectural styles. Its Great Hall, constructed during Wolsey’s tenure, stands as one of the finest examples of medieval hammer-beam ceilings. The integration of Tudor and Baroque elements is evident in the Fountain Court and the Baroque extension commissioned by Sir Christopher Wren.

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