Cliveden on Thames - J.M.W Turner 2

Cliveden on Thames: J. M. W. Turner

Cliveden on Thames is an 1807 painting by the English Romantic painter, printmaker and watercolorist J. M. W. Turner. This work is located in the Tate Britain in London, England.

In the 1800s, Cliveden on Thames underwent significant transformations, becoming a prominent estate with historical and architectural significance. The mansion, originally built in the late 1600s, underwent renovations and expansions during the 19th century, contributing to its grandeur.

During this period, Cliveden was owned by the Duke of Sutherland, a prominent aristocrat. The estate’s gardens were redesigned by renowned landscape designer Thomas Mawson in the late 19th century, adding to the estate’s allure. The terraced gardens, featuring classical sculptures, formal pathways, and vibrant flowerbeds, became an integral part of Cliveden’s charm.

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