Édouard Manet: Young Lady in 1866

Young Lady in 1866: Édouard Manet

Young Lady in 1866 is a portrait painting that French painter Édouard Manet created in the same year that it is set, in 1866. This work is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City in the United States.

Analysis of Manet’s Young Lady in 1866

Also referred to as Lady with a Parakeet, here Manet paints his model, the young lady Victorine Meurent, in a silken pink robe while bringing a posy to her nose. She looks impassive if somewhat absent-minded as she smells it.

This portrait picture retails a certain mystery, perhaps an allegory or reference to the senses, the orange (taste), the flowers (smell), the parrot (sound), and the monocle (sight). Conversely, perhaps a still life that happens to contain a person.

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