Vincent Van Gogh: Woman with White Shawl

Woman with White Shawl: Vincent Van Gogh

Woman with White Shawl is an 1882 Post-Impressionist painting by Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh.

Analysis of Woman with White Shawl

This Vincent Van Gogh painting of a woman in a white shawl in a woodland avoids any kind of narrative context and represents the scene using a Post-Impressionistic distortion or rather distillation of forms down to their basic elements.

Vincent Van Gogh’s (1853-90) application of paint in his 1882 painting is very rapid and thick, suggesting the sheer presence of the wooded scene and its central character. Because the paint is very thick, especially in the trees, we are made aware of the tactile quality and the perhaps foreboding weight of the surroundings. Within this, there is a variation of the painted fabrics that the woman is wearing. The white shawl seems to alleviate the black of the dress and the darks of the wood.

Vincent Van Gogh’s Woman with White Shawl is in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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