Vincent van Gogh: The Stagecoach to Tarascon

The Stagecoach to Tarascon: Vincent van Gogh

The Stagecoach to Tarascon is an 1888 painting by Post-Impressionist artist Vincent van Gogh.

The Stagecoach to Tarascon Analysis

The painting is based on a 19th-century novel in which the stagecoach remembers its day on the route from Tarascon to Nimes. This 1888 painting shows the coach unoccupied but perhaps about to be loaded with the luggage; as the ladder to the roof would tell us.

The scene is in bright sunlight with van Gogh’s use of impasto painting shown on the rear wall. This technique involved the application of thick pigments of paint, often with a palette knife.

Vincent van Gogh’s The Stagecoach to Tarascon is in the Princeton University Art Museum in New Jersey

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