Road to the Spaniards - Hampstead - John Constable

Road to the Spaniards, Hampstead: John Constable

Road to the Spaniards, Hampstead is an 1822 painting by English Romantic landscape artist John Constable. This work is located in the Philadelphia Museum of Art in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Road to the Spaniards

Road to the Spaniards in Hampstead refers to a historic pathway or road in the area of Hampstead, a neighborhood in north London, England. The name likely originates from a historical connection to a nearby establishment known as The Spaniards Inn.

The Spaniards Inn is a famous pub located on Spaniards Road in Hampstead Heath. It has a long and colorful history dating back to the 16th century and is said to have been frequented by famous literary figures such as Charles Dickens and Keats. The inn is named after two Spanish brothers who used to own it in the 18th century.

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