Portrait of Philippe-Grégoire Delaroche - Paul Delaroche

Portrait of Philippe-Grégoire Delaroche: Paul Delaroche

Portrait of Philippe-Grégoire Delaroche is an 1851 painting by French Romantic artist Paul Delaroche. This work is located in the Yale University Art Gallery in New Haven, Connecticut.

This portrait is of Paul Delaroche’s young son, Philippe-Grégoire Delaroche, who went on to be a respected 19th-century French physician and naturalist known for his contributions to the field of medicine and natural history.

He was involved in various scientific endeavors and likely engaged in the study and classification of plants and animals, as well as medical research. Delaroche’s work would have been part of the broader movement of natural science in the 1800s, a time when many scientific disciplines were becoming more specialized and formalized.

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