Portrait of Michel-Jean Sedaine - Jacques-Louis David

Portrait of Michel-Jean Sedaine: Jacques-Louis David

Portrait of Michel-Jean Sedaine is a 1772 painting by French Neoclassical artist Jacques Louis David.. It is located in a Private Collection.

Michel-Jean Sedaine

Michel-Jean Sedaine (1719–1797) was a French dramatist and librettist known for his contributions to French literature, particularly in the genres of comedy and opera. Born on June 2, 1719, in Paris, Sedaine became a prominent figure in the cultural and literary circles of 18th-century France.

Sedaine initially worked as a master draper, but his passion for literature led him to pursue a career as a playwright and librettist. He gained recognition for his works that often depicted scenes from everyday life and addressed social issues of his time.

One of Sedaine’s notable achievements was his collaboration with the composer Pierre-Alexandre Monsigny on the opera comique “Le déserteur” (The Deserter), which premiered in 1769. The opera was well-received and remains one of Sedaine’s most famous works.

In addition to “Le déserteur,” Sedaine wrote several successful plays and librettos for operas. His works often blended humor with social commentary, reflecting the Enlightenment ideals that were prevalent in 18th-century France.

Sedaine was a member of the Académie française, having been elected in 1786. The Académie française is the pre-eminent French council for matters pertaining to the French language, and election to it is considered a significant honor.

Michel-Jean Sedaine passed away on May 17, 1797, in Paris. His contributions to French literature, particularly in the realm of theater and opera, continue to be appreciated for their wit, charm, and social insight, capturing the spirit of the Enlightenment era in France.

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