Adriaen Brouwer: Peasants Brawling over Cards

Peasants Brawling over Cards: Adriaen Brouwer

Peasants Brawling over Cards is a genre painting by Flemish artist Adriaen Brouwer, depicting three men fighting around a makeshift table with playing cards. Three women watch from afar in disgust.

Despite the fact Brouwer painted lower class subject-matter such as this, his virtuosity as a painter was acknowledged by the likes of Rembrandt and Rubens – both of whom collected his work. Painted sometime between 1606 and 1638, Brouwer shows himself here as adept at caricature and the handling of light.

Adriaen Brouwer’s Peasants Brawling over Cards is in the Gemaldegalerie in Dresden, Germany.

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