Vincent van Gogh: Peasant Woman Standing Indoors

Peasant Woman Standing Indoors: Vincent van Gogh

Peasant Woman Standing Indoors is an 1885 Post-Impressionist painting by Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh.

Analysis of Peasant Woman Standing Indoors

Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh paints in 1885 a peasant woman standing indoors with heavy brushstrokes that are thick and lend a weighty kind of significance to the picture. The woman is dressed in heavy clothing and clogs.

The entire dark painting seems to give an impression of the materiality and practical nature of the peasant existence – the woman reaches her hand while the artist similarly with his own applies a dark density to the image and makes the woman a solidity that seems real.

Vincent van Gogh’s Peasant Woman Standing Indoors is in the National Museum of Serbia in Belgrade.

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