Mother and Child (The Oval Mirror) Mary Cassatt

Mother and Child (The Oval Mirror): Mary Cassatt

Mother and Child (The Oval Mirror) is an 1899 painting in the Impressionist style by the leading American painter and printmaker Mary Cassatt. This work is located in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, New York.

Analysis of Mother and Child (The Oval Mirror)

The painting depicts a mother and her child sitting in front of an oval mirror, with the mother shown in profile and the child facing forward. The painting is notable for its use of light and color, with a soft, pastel palette and diffused lighting that creates a sense of intimacy and tenderness between the mother and child. The oval mirror in the center of the picture frames the child – almost in the likeness of a halo.

Mary Cassatt’s paintings of mothers and their children

Many of Cassatt’s most famous works depict mothers and their children, often in intimate domestic settings. Her paintings capture the tenderness and love between parent and child, while also challenging traditional depictions of motherhood by portraying the realities of maternal care, such as breastfeeding and bathing.

Cassatt’s paintings of mothers and children reflect her interest in the role of women in society and her belief in the importance of family relationships. Through her art, she sought to celebrate the joys of motherhood while also highlighting the challenges and responsibilities that come with raising children. Today, her works continue to be admired for their beauty, sensitivity, and timeless portrayal of the bond between mother and child.

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