John Constable: Weymouth Bay

John Constable: Weymouth Bay

Weymouth Bay is an 1816 landscape and seascape painting by English Romantic artist John Constable depicting a scene in South West England on the English Channel coast.

British painter John Constable (1776-1837) was among the most influential of the English Romantics and profoundly inspired the likes of Eugene Delacroix.

Constable was most renowned for his landscapes and this 1816 picture of Weymouth Bay demonstrates many traits which he is famous for. His concern for dramatic skies with cloud formation in flux and sensitive handling of light effects on the ground which seem to correspond to the menacing clouds. A natural drama is unfolding without narrative, as the painter is capturing a momentary phenomenon.

John Constable’s Weymouth Bay can be seen in the National Gallery in London, United Kingdom.

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