Camille Pissarro: The Quays at Rouen

The Quays at Rouen: Camille Pissarro

The Quays at Rouenis an Impressionist painting by Frenchman Camille Pissarro. It features the River Seine at Rouen looking east with a variety of day-to-day activities in the frame including pedestrians, factories, and boats.

The Quays at Rouen was painted in the autumn between September and November 1883 when Camille Pissarro was living in Rouen in Northern France. Fellow French Impressionist painter Paul Gauguin was also living with Pissarro at the time.

The painting can be seen in the background of another Camille Pissarro painting, Bouquet of Flowers or Bouquet de Fleurs which is in the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.

Camille Pissarro’s The Quays at Rouen can be seen at the Courtauld Gallery in London.

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