William Blake Richmond

William Blake Richmond

William Blake Richmond (1842-1921) was a painter from the United Kingdom whose portraits and mosaics in London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral are well renowned.

William Blake Richmond Summary:

  • His father was also a successful artist who specialized in miniatures.
  • Richmond also dabbled in sculpture, stained glass, and mosaics.
  • His visit to Italy to see the works of the masters had a grand effect on his development as an artist.
  • He became a professor at Oxford University in England.
  • He also taught painting at the Royal Academy of Arts.

William Blake Richmond Famous Paintings:

  • Venus and Anchises (1890)
  • The Portrait of Mrs. Ernest Moon (1888)
  • Adam and Eve Expelled From Heaven (1876)
  • The Slave (1886)
  • Orpheus Returning from the Shades (1885)
  • Brooke Westcott (1825-1901), Bishop of Durham (1890-1901) (undated)

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