Peach Blossom in the Crau: Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh: Peach Blossom in the Crau

Vincent Van Gogh painted Peach Blossom in the Crau (sometimes also called ‘Peach Trees in Blossom’ or ‘Perzikbomen in bloei’ in Dutch) during March and April of 1889.

La Crau is a commune in south eastern France on the Mediterranean Sea, very close to Arles where Van Gogh lived from 1888 to 1889. Peach Blossom in the Crau was one of the last paintings he painted here before moving to Saint-Rémy.

The Peach Blossoms were a minor obsession of Van Gogh’s – he sent friend and fellow Post-Impressionist Paul Signac a pen sketch of the same scene in a letter, and further referenced the Peach Blossoms in further letters to both Signac and his brother and art dealer Theo Van Gogh. He painted similar versions of the same scene a number of other times.

Vincent Van Gogh’s Peach Blossom in the Crau can be found in the permanent collection of The Courtauld Gallery in London. It was a gift from industrialist and art collector Samuel Courtauld 1932.

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