Joseph Vernet: Times of the Day, Night

Times of the Day, Night: Joseph Vernet

Times of the Day, Night is a 1757 landscape painting by French Baroque artist Joseph Vernet.

Times of the Day, Night Analysis

Four Times of the Day, Night is the fourth in a series of four 1757 landscape paintings by French artist Joseph Vernet, depicting different scenes at different times of the day. A man fishes in the moonlit water of the foreground while music and song take over from labor in this painting.

A large ship makes its way to the port and signifies the general human repose and sport. A central tree is windswept and the clouds swiftly pass. The flux of the sky is opposed to the recreation of the tired men and women.

Joseph Vernet: Four Times of the Day, Night, along with the other three works in this series, is held at the Art Gallery of South Australia in Adelaide.

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