Theodore Gericault

Theodore Gericault

Theodore Gericault (1791-1824) was one of the leading artists of the Romantic movement.

Theodore Gericault Summary:

  • He initially trained under classicists but left after altercations with his teachers and the style and philosophy.
  • After spending much time in the stables of Versailles, he observed the anatomy and actions of horses.
  • During his visit to Italy, he became fascinated with the art of Michelangelo and the Baroque era.
  • He painted portraits of persons with mental illnesses.
  • Artists like Max Ernst, Frank Stella, and Jeff Koons have all mentioned Gericault’s The Raft of Medusa as inspiration for some of their works.

Theodore Gericault Famous Paintings:

  • The Raft of Medusa (1819)
  • The Charging Chasseur (1812)
  • The Wounded Cuirassier (1814)
  • Three Lovers (1820)
  • Cattle Market (1817-1820)
  • Anatomical Pieces (1819)

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