The Seine at Argenteuil Pierre-Auguste Renoir

The Seine at Argenteuil: Pierre-Auguste Renoir

The Seine at Argenteuil is an 1888 painting in the Impressionist style by the leading French artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir. This work is located in the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Seine at Argenteuil refers to the scenic area along the Seine River near the town of Argenteuil, located in the Île-de-France region of France. Argenteuil is situated about 12 kilometers or 7.5 miles northwest of central Paris.

Argenteuil gained fame in the late 19th century as a popular destination for Impressionist painters, including Pierre-Auguste Renoir whose work we see here, and also Claude Monet. Monet’s series of paintings depicting the Seine at Argenteuil are among his most renowned works. The tranquil river, the charming bridges, and the picturesque landscapes in the area inspired many artists during that period.

The Seine River is one of France’s most important waterways, flowing through the heart of Paris and playing a significant role in the city’s history and culture. At Argenteuil, the river offers a picturesque setting for leisure activities, such as boating, fishing, and riverside walks. The riverbanks are often lined with trees, providing a scenic backdrop for locals and visitors to enjoy.

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