Sebastiaen Vrancx

Sebastiaen Vrancx (1573-1647) was a Flemish painter who was mostly known for his depiction of battle scenes.

Sebastiaen Vrancx Summary:

  • He trained under Adam van Noort who was also the master of Peter Paul Rubens.
  • In 1600, he became a master of the Antwerp Guild of Saint Luke.
  • He is said to have pioneered the genre of painting battle scenes in Northern Europe.
  • He was a brilliant figure painter who was frequently asked to paint the staffage in other painters’ compositions.
  • Along with his battle scenes, he also painted landscapes and mythological, allegorical, and genre scenes.

Sebastiaen Vrancx Famous Paintings:

  • Battle of Lekkerbetje (undated)
  • Pillage of a Village (undated)
  • An Allegory of Winter (undated)
  • An Attack on a Caravan (1618)
  • Winter Pastime on the Scheldt in Antwerp (1622)
  • An Outdoor Banquet (1625)
  • Market Day in a Flemish Town (1647)

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