Portrait of Mrs Mary Fisher - John Constable

Portrait of Mrs Mary Fisher: John Constable

Portrait of Mrs Mary Fisher is an 1816 painting by English Romantic landscape artist John Constable. This work is located in the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, England.

This is a portrait painting of Mary Fisher, the Wife of John Fisher.

John Fisher 1748–25 was an Anglican clergyman who served as the Archdeacon of Berkshire from 1791 until his death. He was born in London and educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1770 and his Master of Arts degree in 1773. Fisher was ordained as a deacon in 1771 and as a priest in 1772.

In addition to his role as Archdeacon of Berkshire, Fisher held various other ecclesiastical positions throughout his career. He served as the vicar of Sonning, Berkshire, from 1781 until his death in 1825. He was also the rector of St. Michael’s Church in Bray, Berkshire, from 1805 until his death.

Fisher was known for his scholarly pursuits and published several theological works during his lifetime. He was respected for his intellect and his commitment to his clerical duties. As Archdeacon of Berkshire, he would have been responsible for overseeing the administration of the archdeaconry, which included matters related to the clergy, church buildings, and ecclesiastical discipline within the region.

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