Portrait of Charles de Rémusat - Paul Delaroche

Portrait of Charles de Rémusat: Paul Delaroche

Portrait of Charles de Rémusat is an 1843 painting by French Romantic artist Paul Delaroche. This work is located in the Musée du Vieux Toulouse in France.

Charles de Rémusat

Charles de Rémusat (1797–1875) was a prominent French statesman, writer, and intellectual in the 19th century. Born into a noble family, he became known for his significant contributions to political and literary spheres. Rémusat held various government positions, including serving as Minister of the Interior and Minister of Foreign Affairs during the July Monarchy in France.

Beyond his political career, Rémusat was a respected literary critic and historian. He was a member of the French Academy and contributed extensively to literary journals, expressing his views on literature, philosophy, and politics. Rémusat’s writings often reflected his liberal and moderate political stance, advocating for a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary government.

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