Pietro Perugino

Pietro Perugino

Pietro Perugino (ca. 1446-1523) was a painter of the Italian Renaissance and a member of the Umbrian School.

Pietro Perugino Summary:

  • He was born Pietro Vannucci and attributed Perugino to the city he came from.
  • He trained under Andrea del Verrocchio alongside other soon-to-be successful artists such as Leonardo da Vinci.
  • Perugino was commissioned to paint frescoes on the Sistine Chapel walls.
  • He was consistently in demand for commissions.
  • His most famous pupil was Raphael.

Pietro Perugino Famous Paintings:

  • The Delivery of the Keys to Saint Peter (1482)
  • St. Sebastian (1495)
  • The Battle Between Love and Chastity (1503)
  • The Adoration of the Magi (1473)
  • Lamentation over the Dead Christ (1495)
  • Apollo and Marsyas (1483)

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