Philipp Otto Runge

Philipp Otto Runge

Philipp Otto Runge (1777-1810) was a German painter of the Romanticism movement.

Philipp Otto Runge Summary:

  • He had no formal art training but took several private drawing lessons.
  • He was a student at Royal Danish Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture Academy from 1799-to 1801.
  • He continued his studies at the Academy of Art in Dresden afterward.
  • He was good friends with Romantic writers at the time and was influenced by their works and philosophy.
  • Many of his portraits were of his family and friends.

Philipp Otto Runge Famous Paintings:

  • The Morning (1808)
  • The Hulsenbeck Children (1806)
  • Pauline Runge with her two-year-old-son (1807)
  • We Three (1805)
  • The Artist’s Parents (1806)
  • Peter Walks on Water (1806)

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