Paul-Jacques-Aimé Baudry

Paul-Jacques-Aimé Baudry

Paul-Jacques-Aimé Baudry (1828-1886) was a French painter who won numerous prizes and awards during his lifetime.

Paul-Jacques-Aimé Baudry Summary:

  • During his residency in Italy, he was influenced by the Mannerist art of Correggio and applied it to his work.
  • Baudry enjoyed painting mythological subjects.
  • He dabbled in murals as seen in the frescoes of several buildings in Paris such as the Court of Cassation, the Chateau de Chantilly, and the Opera Garnier.
  • He was a member of the Académie des Beaux-Arts.
  • Baudry was honored with a statue at La Roche-sur-Yon in western France.

Paul-Jacques-Aimé Baudry Famous Paintings:

  • The Wave and the Pearl (1862)
  • Diana Reposing (ca. 1859)
  • Zenobia found on the Banks of the Araxes (1850)
  • St. John the Baptist as a Child (1860)
  • Truth (ca. 1879)
  • Venus Playing With Cupid (undated)

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