Palma Vecchio

Palma Vecchio

Palma Vecchio (1480-1528) was an artist during the period of the Italian High Renaissance.

Palma Vecchio Summary:

  • Born Jacopo Palma (also known as Jacopo Negretti),  he changed his name to Palma Vecchio (Palma the Elder) to distinguish himself from his artist-nephew Palma il Giovane (Palma the Younger).
  • He specialized in sacra conversazione or two or more unrelated religious figures grouped together in one scene.
  • He is also known for his half-length portraits of women, usually depicted as beautiful blondes.
  • He painted altarpieces and frescoes as well.
  • He drew inspiration from the masters who came before him including Michelangelo and Titian.

Palma Vecchio Famous Paintings:

  • Portrait of a Poet (undated)
  • Young Woman in a Blue Dress, With fan (1512-1514)
  • Allegory (1515)
  • Nymphs Bathing (1525-1528)
  • A Blonde Woman (ca. 1520)
  • Judith (1525-1528)

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