Orazio Gentileschi

Orazio Gentileschi

Orazio Gentileschi (1563–1639) was a Mannerist painter at the courts of Marie de Medici of France and Charles I of England.

Orazio Gentileschi Summary

  • Born in Pisa to a family of Florentine artisans, learns the goldsmith’s craft
  • Already as a teenager, becomes a Mannerist decorator for popes Gregory XIII and Sixtus V
  • By 1603, influenced by Caravaggio, begins painting with a new perception of light
  • Comes to Paris to join the coterie of Tuscan artists rallied by Marie de Medici, Queen of France
  • From 1626 serves at the court of Charles I of England
  • His Daughter, Artemisia Gentileschi also a famous artist
  • Dies in London, after an apparently unhappy decade in his adoptive country

Orazio Gentileschi’s Famous Paintings

  • Madonna and Child with St.s Sebastian and Francis (1600)
  • The Stigmatization of Saint Francis (1601)
  • Annunciation (c. 1605)
  • Assumption of the Virgin (c. 1608)
  • Cleopatra (1613)
  • The Lute Player (c. 1615)
  • Lot and his Daughters (1628)
  • Danaë (c. 1623)
  • Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife (1632)

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