Maurice Denis

Maurice Denis (1870-1943) was a French artist and key figure in the Symbolist movement.

Maurice Denis Summary:

  • Denis was a theorist and his theories influenced modern art movements like cubism, fauvism, and abstract art.
  • He founded Ateliers d’Art Sacré after World War I and advocated for the resurgence of religious art.
  • He opposed the style of the Impressionists and was inspired by the works of Paul Gauguin.
  • He was a member of Les Nabis, a group of artists who affected the art created in France throughout the late nineteenth century.
  • After a trip to Italy, Denis drew inspiration from classical Italian frescoes.

Maurice Denis Famous Paintings:

  • Landscape with Green Trees (1893)
  • The Offertory at Calvary (1890)
  • A Game of Shuttlecock (1900)
  • April (1892)
  • Le Mystère Catholique (1889)
  • Homage to Cézanne (1900)
  • Psyche Discovers that Her Mysterious Lover is Eros (1908)

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