Joshua Reynolds

Joshua Reynolds

Joshua Reynolds (1723—1792) was a ‘Grand Style’ English painter, mainly invested in portraits

Joshua Reynolds Summary

  • Born in Plympton, Devon; his sister was the author Mary Palmer (1716-1794)
  • From the late 1750s, a popular portraitist in England
  • Part of ‘The Club’, founded in 1764, which brought together the English intellectual elite
  • Early member of the Royal Society of Arts; among founders of the Society of Artists of Great Britain]
  • Suffered from deafness ever since he survived an illness in Rome; carried an ear trumpet
  • Had the honor of painting the national hero Lord Heathfield in 1787
  • Knighted by George III in 1769

Joshua Reynolds Famous Paintings

  • Edward Cornwallis (1756)
  • Elizabeth, Lady Amherst (1767)
  • Boy with Grapes (1773)
  • Jane, Countess of Harrington (1778)
  • Lord Keppel (1779)
  • The Age of Innocence (c. 1788)
  • Cupid Untying the Zone of Venus (1788)
  • Lady Elizabeth Delmé and Her Children (1779)
  • The Ladies Waldegrave (1780)
  • Sarah Siddons as the Tragic Muse (1789)

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