John Russell

John Russell

John Russell (1858—1930) was an Australian Impressionist painter who lived in France and worked closely with Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, and Henri Matisse.

John Russell Summary

  • Born in the Darlinghurst suburb of Sydney, Australia to a family with Scottish and English roots
  • Learned under Alphonse Legros in London and Fernand Cormon in Paris
  • Made the first oil portrait of Vincent van Gogh, his schoolmate, which was much appreciated by the Dutchman
  • Married the famous Italian model Marianna Antonietta Mattiocco
  • After his wife’s death destroyed some 400 of his own artworks
  • Chose not to seek artistic recognition and was largely forgotten after his death until recently

John Russell’s Famous Paintings

  • Peonies and Head of a Woman (c. 1887)
  • Dr Will Maloney (c. 1887)
  • The Garden, Longpré-les-Corps-Saints (1887)
  • In the Afternoon (c. 1890)
  • Mrs. Russell among the Flowers in the Garden of Goulphar (1907)
  • In the Morning, Alpes Maritimes from Antibes (c. 1891)
  • A Clearing in the Forest (1891)
  • Belle Île en mer (1898)
  • Rough Sea, Belle-Île (c. 1900)
  • Le Pointe de Morestil par mer calme (1901)
  • Boys on the Beach, Belle Île (the early 1900s)

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